Fedora.NEXT Products and the fate of Spins

H. Guémar hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jan 30 15:35:54 UTC 2014

I disagree about keeping spins around in the long term.

Current spins:
* hinders our communication (each spin is supposed to get proper coverage
from marketing, ambassadors etc.), some users think that actually
installing KDE requires reinstalling from the spin !
* prevents spins with a striving community [1] to get proper love from the
project. One of the main point of the product is to get *more* QA, *more*
polish, *more* communication than our current offering.
If a SIG is able to sustain a long-term effort in that direction, they
deserve to be a product !
About the desktop spins, i think they should be considered as sub-products
as it will requires some coordination between all the desktop folks for
some features.
* demoting spins to remixes won't prevent them to ship installable images,
to get support from other SIG (ie: design) but they won't get coverage from
marketing and ambassadors.

We can't afford having products, spins and remixes, that's just a waste of
efforts and we're lacking in manpower already.
Sustainable spins should become (sub-)products, the others remixes.
Until we can sort out the process for the maintained spins to become
(sub-)products, we should keep them for convenience but no longer.

One more thing, commitment is the only metric we should consider for
promoting a (sub-)product, i don't give a shit about having people paid to
work on that (no offense meant here).
No matter who our employers are, it should *NEVER* matter in Fedora, we're
all contributors. PERIOD


[1] I think KDE SIG, I'm no user of the K Desktop but kudos guys for making
Fedora a choice distro for KDE users. You did great !
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