Call for testers for FMN

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Thu Jul 17 14:22:59 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Pkgdb2 is now running for a little over two months. It seems that most of you
like it which is appreciated :)

However, one of the annoyance from Pkgdb1 has not disapeared. Pkgdb2 sends you
an email for each action you do.
So if you request 3 ACLs on two packages, you receive six emails.

This is a pretty annoying feature but looks like you have grown accustomed to it
as not many people complained of this behavior :)
However, pkgdb2 was not meant to do this┬╣.
Pkgdb2 is meant to rely on fedmsg and the new Fedora Notifications (FMN) system
for its notifications.
FMN is already deployed and running, however, it was not advertised too much
so as to give us the time to adjust and optimize it where needed.
Today, we would like to ask more people to register/test it.

The big plan (wrt pkgdb2) is basically:
* Have more people test FMN
* Fix bugs/optimize
* Create an account on FMN for all the packagers that do not have one already
* Turn off email notification on pkgdb
* Automatically create FMN accounts for users added to the packager group

There are several advantages to FMN, among them:
* a central place to get/manage your notifications for all the Fedora systems
  (bodhi, badges, pkgdb...)
* the possibility to choose which notifications to get where, for example
   - IRC notification upon successful build on koji
   - Email notification for failed build on koji
   - Some day, push to android devices
* the possibility to send the notifications as batch, for example:
   - wait 10 minutes after the first pkgdb action and then send me all the pkgdb
     This way if someone asks for 3 ACLs on 2 packages within 10 minutes, you
     will only receive one notification
* from an infrastructure developer point of view: less code duplication

So please, register on FMN:

Test it and open bug tickets and RFEs here:

Thanks for your help,

The #fedora-apps team

┬╣ The emailing part was even added per request from Seneca when they looked
at pkgdb2

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