New gettext in Rawhide causing builda failures?

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Jun 2 09:16:11 UTC 2014

On 2 June 2014 10:02, Daiki Ueno <ueno at> wrote:
> However, the non-warning errors have been there for a long time.  Isn't
> it time to fix them?  If this is really too strict, we can revert this
> in the next minor release and advise users until the next major release.

I think quite a lot of software will fail to rebuild (mostly stuff
using rosetta) with this change in the pending F21 mass rebuild.

> (But, oh, msgfmt seems to mistreat the warning here.  Sorry about that
> and will fix it ASAP.)

I think a warning is fine, an error is somewhat draconian IMHO :)


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