Current FTBFS packages (was Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring packages for Fedora 21)

Dan HorĂ¡k dan at
Tue Jun 3 06:37:49 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2 Jun 2014 23:54:10 +0200
Till Maas <opensource at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 02, 2014 at 04:36:28PM -0400, Al Dunsmuir wrote:
> > Please do not start deleting ppc32-only packages.
> > 
> > A  few  of  us  would  like  to resurrect ppc32, likely initially
> > as a Fedora   Remix.   Deleting  ppc32-only  packages  just  adds
> > more work to that effort.
> ok, but I guess there is no package left that is not properly
> configured in primary koji. If you continue with this effort, please
> re-open the rel-eng ticket in my other e-mail regarding yaboot.

In the past it wasn't possible to block secondary arch only package in
primary koji after it was introduced there, because during some releng
action (branching, mass rebuild?) it affected also the secondary koji.
Or pkgdb, maybe both. The result was that secondary arch only package
was not accessible for commits and blocked in secondary koji and we
had to resolve it manually with dgilmore. So please be careful. I think
the problem was that pkgdb had no information about arches, it worked


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