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There are 2 primary trains of though for doing it this way. 

1. For several reasons related to how the sosreport plugin architecture works, processing an entire sosreport in the way it would have to be processed to do this sort of work is problematic. Bryn and the sosreport team are working on that issue as time allows, but it's still several iterations away. 

2. During our discussions with people who want this usability, having it decoupled from the process of creating an sosreport is desirable. Since many systems have limited or no outbound connectivity, an sosreport for one system is usually analyzed and uploaded from another. Another desire for uses is to maintain a 'gold' copy of the sosreport and then upload the 'cleaned' one for troubleshooting, etc. The current sosreport architecture would make it difficult to create two copies at the same time. 

Does that answer your question? 


Jamie Duncan, RHCE 
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Hi, Everyone. 

My name is Jamie Duncan. I work in the Strategic Customer team at Red Hat. One of the big things that our more security-minded (and some of the vaguely paranoid) users ask for is an easier way to obfuscate data in an sosreport before they send it out to Red Hat Support. 

There have been several failed attempts at this over the years, and soscleaner ( ) is another attempt at it. 

Is there a particular reason, this feature isn't being integrated into sosreport itself? 


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