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Wed Jun 11 15:52:27 UTC 2014

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On 06/11/2014 10:56 AM, Kalev Lember wrote:
> On 06/11/2014 04:37 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
>> I forgot to open a ticket over the last week, but the Server WG 
>> has identified that completion of its core task (the Server Role 
>> API) is likely to need a little extra time. This is a blocker to 
>> release, so we figured it would be best to ask FESCo to modify 
>> the schedule in advance, rather than forcing a slip at the end.
>> I'll bring this up in Open Floor, unless you want to add it to 
>> the formal agenda.
> How much time do you think you'd need to complete the Server Role 
> API?

We were planning to ask for two additional weeks on the schedule. We
are not really expecting to get all of it.

> With my Workstation WG hat on, I'd very much like to avoid pushing 
> back the schedule. We already skipped one whole release; if we
> slip F21 it's going to negatively impact how users perceive the 
> Workstation, and make it harder for Workstation developers to work 
> on the code upstream.

I agree, we don't want to slip much at all. I probably should have
been clearer about the amount of slip we were going to ask for in the

> At the very least, please don't do a quick decision on today's IRC 
> meeting and allow some time to discuss this with other WGs.
> An alternative to slipping would also be to skip Server this 
> release cycle if it's not ready. Could try again in 6 months.

This would be a significant overreaction, I think.
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