Slipping F21

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Wed Jun 11 15:57:19 UTC 2014

Reindl Harald píše v St 11. 06. 2014 v 17:44 +0200:
> Am 11.06.2014 17:41, schrieb Jiri Eischmann:
> > +1, we've already skipped one release and we just can't delay
> > significantly more. Fedora is known as a fast-moving distribution. A
> > large portion of our user base is using Fedora just for that reason. Do
> > we really want to make even more of them switch to Arch?
> um F20 has Kernel 3.14, recent mesa, KDE 4.13 soon, recent LibreOffice
> and so on - what are you missing that justifies "move move, go on move!"

Well... where do I start? For example the whole default desktop
platform? Yes, we have GNOME 3.12 Copr, but it brings practical
The whole graphics stack also cannot be completely rebased (it would
require new LLVM which would be too significant change within one
release) to benefit from all the great work Valve's initiative brought
in the last months. So Fedora is not very appealing gaming platform
these days.

I guess everyone can pick something that they care about and that has
become old since the freeze of F20.


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