rfc: xserver rebase in F20 (was Re: Slipping F21)

drago01 drago01 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 16:44:30 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 6:09 PM, Adam Jackson <ajax at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2014-06-11 at 17:56 +0200, drago01 wrote:
>> Oh and xserver  really .. I am the one that gets complaints from users
>> that I can't fix because of our ancient x11 stack.

To add some context the feature that I am asking for is working DRI3 +
present ... with mesa 10.2
it gives us GLX_EXT_buffer_age which finally fixes tearing issues in
mutter that some user are experiencing
without using workarounds like forcing the compositor to always redraw
the whole screen (which costs performance
and battery life).

The whole effort to fix it started in January 2012 (!) so its not like
it is really urgent now but given that things got fixed now
(xserver 1.16, newest intel ddx snapshot, mesa 10.2) .. I rather have
it on user systems at some point (and get rid of inquires on "when is
it going to get fixed?").

> I'm not intrinsically _opposed_ to rebasing X in F20.  But it's not
> something we've done in any previous Fedora, and there are enough nvidia
> users out there that I'd want to be cautious about not breaking them
> more than we need to.
> If That Other Repo doesn't have a problem with getting builds lined up
> for nvidia/fglrx/whatever I'd be much more willing to do X rebases in
> existing releases.  It's still tricky for things like the xwayland/gnome
> lockstep, but I think we know how to handle that.

NVIDIA just released a driver that runs with the xserver 1.16 abi ...
not sure about their legacy branches and fglrx though.

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