F22 System Wide Change: Replace Yum With DNF

Jan Zelený jzeleny at redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 14:28:03 UTC 2014

On 12. 6. 2014 at 10:11:40, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 10:01:22AM +0200, Jan Zelený wrote:
> > On 11. 6. 2014 at 14:07:05, DJ Delorie wrote:
> > > Forcing the users to type a different command name to get exactly the
> > > same functionality only serves to annoy the user.
> > 
> > I'm sorry but at this point I feel I gotta ask: have you read my earlier
> > replies?
> > 
> > Nothing will change for you, the yum command will still exist for a few
> > more Fedora releases, just as the `service` command that was superseded
> > by systemctl like 5 releases of Fedora ago exists.
> At least "systemctl" is generic unlike "dnf".  And systemctl is much
> more of a change from the way "service" works that it warranted a
> change of name.  "yum" and "dnf" both work pretty much the same way
> from the user's perspective, so it is not a good argument to change
> the name.

Actually it is. The "pretty much" part is exactly the reason why to change the 
name. If we didn't, a ton of users who are not reading this conversation would 
start filing regression bugs. If we set their expectations right, warning them 
that yum is no more, they are far less likely to do so.


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