F22 System Wide Change: Replace Yum With DNF

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Jun 13 12:58:19 UTC 2014

Am 13.06.2014 14:53, schrieb Jan Zelený:
> That being said, the reason for not renaming dnf to yum is that renaming this 
> project to yum will do nothing else than to confuse its users, as they will 
> think this is still yum and they should expect from dnf it what they expected 
> from yum. They should not. And dnf is not yum, I'm really sorry if you think 
> it is.

the user expects that anyways if you replace something he
did not asked for replace it and what just worked for him

why do so many developers not understand that simple fact?

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