F22 System Wide Change: Replace Yum With DNF

Haïkel Guémar hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Sat Jun 14 13:48:40 UTC 2014

Le 14/06/2014 15:15, Reindl Harald a écrit :
> stop that trolling

Weren't you the one trolling here ? Because that's what many people are 
thinking about this thread.

Don't you think that turning every discussion on DNF into a flame war is 
helpful or serves your purpose ? Even the ones where the maintainer 
requests feedback and help to improve the very same points you're 
complaining about ?

In a community, there are mainly two ways to influence its direction:
a) do things yourself
b) convincing the others that you're right

Like many here, you're not doing a) and you're doing poorly b), so 
either try to tone down your argumentation or learn how to use jedi mind 

> "to maintain yum in the long term" is a completly different thing than
> keep *full compatibility* - compatibility is independet from the YUM
> code itself

You were requesting that the Fedora Packages manager keeps the same user 
interface and behavior *forever* no matter how much broken it is.
DNF has done a pretty good work, in keeping compatibility with yum. 
Besides, DNF is basically yum 4.0, nobody would complain if we were to 
break UI/behavior compatibility.

>> Yet, I still do not see you offering any help to achieve that, only you
>> requiring it.
> as you do not offering to do the work of re-view and adopt
> any existing script and howto out there

Fedora is not entitled to maintain third-party scripts but we might 
provide you some help if *you* ask.
> you understand that any compatibility break is a side effect for the user?

You're not the only one who cares about user experience, please read the 
"This change will be completely transparent for users that use only the 
graphical package management tools. For anybody using the command line 
directly there will be some differences, but all the important 
operations are available with DNF, using the same CLI syntax."

I'm answering you out of kindness, but keep it the gentleman way or i'll 
request moderation, thanks.


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