Current FTBFS packages (was Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring packages for Fedora 21)

Adam Jackson ajax at
Wed Jun 18 18:16:49 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-06-09 at 14:18 -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:

> > libguestfs uses hfsplus-tools in order to provide some HFS+ filesystem
> > features (mainly for Mac filesystems and .DMG files).  We can remove
> > this functionality from the Fedora version, but of course it means
> > people won't be able to perform some operations on Mac filesystems.
> Yeah, I'd prefer if we didn't retire hfsplus-tools too.  It'd be nice if
> this got some attention from the arm guys, I tried to force llvm to
> default to hard-float in 3.4-8 but it doesn't seem to have been enough
> to fix this.  I can keep poking at it but I'm assuredly not the best man
> for the job.

Just to follow up on this:

Richard added an ExcludeArch: %{arm} in Release: 7, so that fixed the
FTBFS in a sense.  Florian Weimer, in a comment on bug 803433, offered
to fix the source to not use clang's blocks feature (which was the only
reason it needed clang to build), but I beat him to it.  With that, and
another fix for arm's stdarg implementation being (righteously) pickier
than others, Release: 8 of hfsplus-tools builds with gcc for all arches:

If I may vent for a moment, I'd like to point out exactly how spurious
the blocks usage was (and, implicitly, troll for code review):

That's right kids, the C89 version is less code even _before_ you count
the actual Blocks runtime.

clang remains slightly less than functional on arm.  Patches welcome.

- ajax

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