Proposal: time to set up the fedora-release-{cloud,workstation,server} subpackages

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Wed Jun 18 20:15:03 UTC 2014

We talked about this before, but I think now it's getting really close to
the time when we _need_ it. See
<>... as Dennis says, we
have not yet decided how to differentiate the different Fedora products.

I suggest that we have fedora-release-{workstation,server,cloud} packages. I
had originally suggested these as subpackages of fedora-release, but I think
that it might actually be better to have them be separate packages, so they
can be maintained and released individually.

These packages could have dependencies on other packages which are essential
to that product's identity (like ye olde dreaded "redhat-lsb", I suppose),
and could either contain systemd presets appropriate for that product -- or
perhaps better, could depend on another (for example) fedora-presets-server

Aslo, each workgroup should be able to set what services are started in
those presets rather than needing a FESCo exception (because that's part of
the point of the different WGs, after all).

Right now, all of the packages are drawing from the same repos, but this
would also provide an avenue for doing that differently in the future if we
so choose.

I also suggest that /etc/os-release be switched using the alternatives
system (, with the
variant in either the VERSION field (VERSION="21 (Cloud)") or a new
os-release field which we would propose -- probably VARIANT. 

I suppose /etc/issue and /etc/ would also be candidates for

Comments? Missing pieces? Better ways to do it? Volunteers to implement?

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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