Proposal: time to set up the fedora-release-{cloud, workstation, server} subpackages

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Wed Jun 18 22:12:47 UTC 2014

On 06/18/2014 10:15 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> [snip]
> I also suggest that /etc/os-release be switched using the alternatives
> system (, with the
> variant in either the VERSION field (VERSION="21 (Cloud)") or a new
> os-release field which we would propose -- probably VARIANT. 
> I suppose /etc/issue and /etc/ would also be candidates for
> alternatives.

I would like to hear what Lennart Poettering and other systemd folks
have to say about /etc/os-release handling in the light of the stateless
systems blog post from yesterday:

> Volunteers to implement?

I can take care of creating the release package for the Workstation product.


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