Proposal: time to set up the fedora-release-{cloud, workstation, server} subpackages

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at
Thu Jun 19 11:56:41 UTC 2014

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On 06/18/2014 04:15 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> We talked about this before, but I think now it's getting really
> close to the time when we _need_ it. See 
> <>... as Dennis
> says, we have not yet decided how to differentiate the different
> Fedora products.
> I suggest that we have fedora-release-{workstation,server,cloud}
> packages. I had originally suggested these as subpackages of
> fedora-release, but I think that it might actually be better to
> have them be separate packages, so they can be maintained and
> released individually.
> These packages could have dependencies on other packages which are
> essential to that product's identity (like ye olde dreaded
> "redhat-lsb", I suppose), and could either contain systemd presets
> appropriate for that product -- or perhaps better, could depend on
> another (for example) fedora-presets-server package.
> Aslo, each workgroup should be able to set what services are
> started in those presets rather than needing a FESCo exception
> (because that's part of the point of the different WGs, after
> all).

We probably want to get FESCo's blanket approval on this, but I agree.

> Right now, all of the packages are drawing from the same repos, but
> this would also provide an avenue for doing that differently in the
> future if we so choose.

I'd like to reiterate that splitting repos (other than the install
trees) is a non-goal from my perspective. If we ever get to that
point, we have essentially forked Fedora into separate distributions.
I don't want to see that happen.

> I also suggest that /etc/os-release be switched using the
> alternatives system
> (, with the 
> variant in either the VERSION field (VERSION="21 (Cloud)") or a
> new os-release field which we would propose -- probably VARIANT.

We shouldn't change the VERSION field. I believe ABRT uses that when
filing bugs. Adding a VARIANT field sounds like the best approach to me.

> I suppose /etc/issue and /etc/ would also be candidates
> for alternatives.
> Comments? Missing pieces? Better ways to do it? Volunteers to
> implement?

Once we agree on the content, I volunteer to implement it for Fedora

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