Is redis orphaned?

Christopher Meng cickumqt at
Thu Jun 19 11:58:41 UTC 2014

Greeting folks, redis is now *up-to-date* in Fedora repo.


- Fedora rawhide: 2.8.11

- Fedora 20: 2.6.17


- Fedora rawhide: 3.0.0 (Private repo)

- EPEL7: 3.0.0 (Private repo)

Testing in-progress.

1.Just built the latest python binding redis-py into rawhide
(, working
like a charm under python2/python3.

2. Redis testsuite patched by myself and passed (the only exception is
one test intended to be OK on fast infrastructure *only*, and failed
on old computers always, it's a false positive confirmed by upstream)

3. David Dick just packaged perl-Redis into Fedora, tested by myself and worked.

4. Another perl binding being packaged by myself redisDB worked.

5. GO bindings are being tested, not finished yet.

Others unknown. Feel free to help test.

Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.

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