Proposal: time to set up the fedora-release-{cloud, workstation, server} subpackages

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Thu Jun 19 12:05:15 UTC 2014

On 06/18/2014 10:15 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> We talked about this before, but I think now it's getting really close to
> the time when we_need_  it. See
> <>... as Dennis says, we
> have not yet decided how to differentiate the different Fedora products.
> I suggest that we have fedora-release-{workstation,server,cloud} packages.


This is probably good idea for products (RHEL-Workstation/Server). But for Fedora...? No.

I would rather suggest to create e.g.:
with content
which would allow you to choose multiple options (and combination of Server and Cloud will be IMO very popular).
And package (e.g Cockit) will during installation just check if Fedora flavour is Server - and if yes, it will
enable itself by default.

Miroslav Suchy, RHCE, RHCDS
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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