dnf even allows to uninstall RPM and systemd without warnings

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Jun 21 15:49:35 UTC 2014

that is a joke - DNF even allows to remove libraries
with recursive dependencies uninstall the complete
operating system not only the running kernel

nobody can seriously argue that this is a acceptable behavior
to replace yum and "the developers decided so" shows once
more that recent Fedora decisions are selfish and only
pretend to care about users while not care

frankly even a packaging error or a unexpierienced user
tryies to solve dependency problems easily leads to
a destroyed system that way

[root at rawhide ~]# dnf remove pcre
Failed loading plugin: copr
Dependencies resolved.

 Package                              Arch                 Version                                  Repository
 acl                                  x86_64               2.2.52-5.fc21                            @System
       185 k
 attr                                 x86_64               2.4.47-7.fc21                            @System
       158 k
 audit-libs                           x86_64               2.3.7-2.fc21                             @System
       201 k
 autogen-libopts                      x86_64               5.18.3-2.fc21                            @System
       141 k
 basesystem                           noarch               10.0-10.fc21                             @System
 bash                                 x86_64               4.3.18-2.fc21                            @System
       6.8 M
 bash-completion                      noarch               1:2.1-5.fc21                             @System
       764 k
 binutils                             x86_64               2.24-15.fc21                             @System
        20 M
 bzip2                                x86_64               1.0.6-12.fc21                            @System
        86 k
 bzip2-libs                           x86_64               1.0.6-12.fc21                            @System
        68 k
 ca-certificates                      noarch               2013.1.97-3.fc21                         @System
       1.0 M
 chkconfig                            x86_64               1.3.61-2.fc21                            @System
       725 k
 coreutils                            x86_64               8.22-15.fc21                             @System
        14 M
 cpio                                 x86_64               2.11-28.fc21                             @System
       673 k
 cracklib                             x86_64               2.9.1-3.fc21                             @System
       205 k
 cracklib-dicts                       x86_64               2.9.1-3.fc21                             @System
       9.0 M
 cronie                               x86_64               1.4.11-7.fc21                            @System
       211 k
 cronie-anacron                       x86_64               1.4.11-7.fc21                            @System
        41 k
 crontabs                             noarch               1.11-8.20130830git.fc21                  @System
       3.6 k
 crypto-policies                      noarch               20140620-1.gitdac1524.fc21               @System
        34 k
 cryptsetup-libs                      x86_64               1.6.4-3.fc21                             @System
       679 k
 curl                                 x86_64               7.37.0-2.fc21                            @System
       514 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib                       x86_64               2.1.26-17.fc21                           @System
       386 k
 dbus                                 x86_64               1:1.8.4-2.fc21                           @System
       874 k
 dbus-libs                            x86_64               1:1.8.4-2.fc21                           @System
       299 k
 deltarpm                             x86_64               3.6-5.fc21                               @System
       210 k
 device-mapper                        x86_64               1.02.85-5.fc21                           @System
       183 k
 device-mapper-libs                   x86_64               1.02.85-5.fc21                           @System
       254 k
 diffutils                            x86_64               3.3-7.fc21                               @System
       1.0 M
 dnf                                  noarch               0.5.2-2.fc21                             @System
       2.4 M
 dnf-plugins-core                     noarch               0.1.0-3.fc21                             @System
       115 k
 dracut                               x86_64               037-13.git20140402.fc21                  @System
       858 k
 e2fsprogs                            x86_64               1.42.10-3.fc21                           @System
       2.5 M
 e2fsprogs-libs                       x86_64               1.42.10-3.fc21                           @System
       358 k
 elfutils-libelf                      x86_64               0.159-4.fc21                             @System
       925 k
 ethtool                              x86_64               2:3.14-2.fc21                            @System
       306 k
 expat                                x86_64               2.1.0-8.fc21                             @System
       203 k
 fedora-logos                         x86_64               21.0.3-2.fc21                            @System
       7.6 M
 file                                 x86_64               5.14-22.fc21                             @System
        69 k
 file-libs                            x86_64               5.14-22.fc21                             @System
       3.3 M
 filesystem                           x86_64               3.2-26.fc21                              @System
 findutils                            x86_64               1:4.5.12-5.fc21                          @System
       1.5 M
 fipscheck                            x86_64               1.4.1-5.fc21                             @System
        38 k
 fipscheck-lib                        x86_64               1.4.1-5.fc21                             @System
        11 k
 fontconfig                           x86_64               2.11.1-4.fc21                            @System
       578 k
 freetype                             x86_64               2.5.3-6.fc21                             @System
       906 k
 gawk                                 x86_64               4.1.1-3.fc21                             @System
       2.1 M
 gd                                   x86_64               2.1.0-5.fc21                             @System
       420 k
 gdbm                                 x86_64               1.11-2.fc21                              @System
       373 k
 gettext                              x86_64               0.19.1-1.fc21                            @System
       4.6 M
 gettext-libs                         x86_64               0.19.1-1.fc21                            @System
       853 k
 glib2                                x86_64               2.41.0-2.fc21                            @System
        10 M
 glibc                                x86_64               2.19.90-22.fc21                          @System
        14 M
 glibc-common                         x86_64               2.19.90-22.fc21                          @System
       115 M
 gmp                                  x86_64               1:6.0.0-4.fc21                           @System
       636 k
 gnupg2                               x86_64               2.0.22-4.fc21                            @System
       6.3 M
 gnutls                               x86_64               3.3.4-3.fc21                             @System
       1.8 M
 gpgme                                x86_64               1.4.3-2.fc21                             @System
       593 k
 grep                                 x86_64               2.20-2.fc21                              @System
       1.1 M
 grub2                                x86_64               1:2.02-0.3.fc21                          @System
       7.1 M
 grub2-tools                          x86_64               1:2.02-0.3.fc21                          @System
        20 M
 grubby                               x86_64               8.35-2.fc21                              @System
       115 k
 gzip                                 x86_64               1.6-3.fc21                               @System
       254 k
 hardlink                             x86_64               1:1.0-19.fc21                            @System
        16 k
 haveged                              x86_64               1.9.1-2.fc21                             @System
       181 k
 hawkey                               x86_64               0.4.16-2.fc21                            @System
       138 k
 hostname                             x86_64               3.15-2.fc21                              @System
        19 k
 htop                                 x86_64               1.0.3-2.fc21                             @System
       180 k
 info                                 x86_64               5.2-3.fc21                               @System
       367 k
 initscripts                          x86_64               9.54-4.fc21                              @System
       1.3 M
 iproute                              x86_64               3.15.0-1.fc21                            @System
       1.2 M
 iptables                             x86_64               1.4.21-9.fc21                            @System
       1.5 M
 iptables-services                    x86_64               1.4.21-9.fc21                            @System
        19 k
 iputils                              x86_64               20140519-2.fc21                          @System
       358 k
 jbigkit-libs                         x86_64               2.0-11.fc21                              @System
       103 k
 json-c                               x86_64               0.11-7.fc21                              @System
        64 k
 kbd                                  x86_64               2.0.1-7.fc21                             @System
       1.3 M
 kernel-core                          x86_64               3.16.0-0.rc1.git4.1.fc21                 @System
        41 M
 keyutils-libs                        x86_64               1.5.9-2.fc21                             @System
        54 k
 kmod                                 x86_64               17-2.fc21                                @System
       216 k
 kmod-libs                            x86_64               17-2.fc21                                @System
        89 k
 kpartx                               x86_64               0.4.9-65.fc21                            @System
        37 k
 krb5-libs                            x86_64               1.12.1-8.fc21                            @System
       2.1 M
 libX11                               x86_64               1.6.1-2.fc21                             @System
       1.3 M
 libXau                               x86_64               1.0.8-3.fc21                             @System
        54 k
 libXpm                               x86_64               3.5.11-2.fc21                            @System
       110 k
 libacl                               x86_64               2.2.52-5.fc21                            @System
        36 k
 libassuan                            x86_64               2.1.0-3.fc21                             @System
       151 k
 libattr                              x86_64               2.4.47-7.fc21                            @System
        20 k
 libblkid                             x86_64               2.25-0.1.fc21                            @System
       259 k
 libcap                               x86_64               2.24-5.fc21                              @System
       107 k
 libcap-ng                            x86_64               0.7.4-4.fc21                             @System
        49 k
 libcom_err                           x86_64               1.42.10-3.fc21                           @System
        59 k
 libcomps                             x86_64               0.1.6-12.fc21                            @System
       200 k
 libcroco                             x86_64               0.6.8-4.fc21                             @System
       312 k
 libcurl                              x86_64               7.37.0-2.fc21                            @System
       465 k
 libdb                                x86_64               5.3.28-6.fc21                            @System
       1.8 M
 libdb-utils                          x86_64               5.3.28-6.fc21                            @System
       296 k
 libdnet                              x86_64               1.12-14.fc21                             @System
        68 k
 libedit                              x86_64               3.1-6.20140213cvs.fc21                   @System
       233 k
 libestr                              x86_64               0.1.9-2.fc21                             @System
        43 k
 libffi                               x86_64               3.1-3.fc21                               @System
        48 k
 libgcrypt                            x86_64               1.6.1-5.fc21                             @System
       968 k
 libgomp                              x86_64               4.9.0-12.fc21                            @System
       146 k
 libgpg-error                         x86_64               1.12-2.fc21                              @System
       343 k
 libicu                               x86_64               52.1-3.fc21                              @System
        27 M
 libidn                               x86_64               1.28-3.fc21                              @System
       619 k
 libjpeg-turbo                        x86_64               1.3.1-3.fc21                             @System
       351 k
 liblogging-stdlog                    x86_64               1.0.4-2.fc21                             @System
        27 k
 libmetalink                          x86_64               0.1.2-5.fc21                             @System
        67 k
 libmicrohttpd                        x86_64               0.9.34-3.fc21                            @System
       119 k
 libmnl                               x86_64               1.0.3-7.fc21                             @System
        50 k
 libmount                             x86_64               2.25-0.1.fc21                            @System
       278 k
 libnetfilter_conntrack               x86_64               1.0.4-2.fc21                             @System
       135 k
 libnfnetlink                         x86_64               1.0.1-4.fc21                             @System
        46 k
 libpng                               x86_64               2:1.6.10-2.fc21                          @System
       730 k
 libpwquality                         x86_64               1.2.3-3.fc21                             @System
       325 k
 librepo                              x86_64               1.7.4-2.fc21                             @System
       136 k
 libseccomp                           x86_64               2.1.1-2.fc21                             @System
       118 k
 libselinux                           x86_64               2.3-3.fc21                               @System
       158 k
 libsemanage                          x86_64               2.3-3.fc21                               @System
       219 k
 libsepol                             x86_64               2.3-2.fc21                               @System
       281 k
 libsmartcols                         x86_64               2.25-0.1.fc21                            @System
       140 k
 libsolv                              x86_64               0.6.1-2.git6d968f1.fc21                  @System
       732 k
 libss                                x86_64               1.42.10-3.fc21                           @System
        71 k
 libssh2                              x86_64               1.4.3-13.fc21                            @System
       330 k
 libstdc++                            x86_64               4.9.0-12.fc21                            @System
       1.1 M
 libtasn1                             x86_64               3.6-2.fc21                               @System
       410 k
 libtiff                              x86_64               4.0.3-16.fc21                            @System
       481 k
 libunistring                         x86_64               0.9.3-10.fc21                            @System
       1.1 M
 libuser                              x86_64               0.60-4.fc21                              @System
       1.9 M
 libutempter                          x86_64               1.1.6-4.fc21                             @System
        49 k
 libuuid                              x86_64               2.25-0.1.fc21                            @System
        20 k
 libverto                             x86_64               0.2.6-2.fc21                             @System
        22 k
 libvpx                               x86_64               1.3.0-5.fc21                             @System
       1.3 M
 libxcb                               x86_64               1.10-2.fc21                              @System
       770 k
 libxml2                              x86_64               2.9.1-3.fc21                             @System
       1.6 M
 libxslt                              x86_64               1.1.28-7.fc21                            @System
       485 k
 linux-atm-libs                       x86_64               2.5.1-9.fc21                             @System
        40 k
 logrotate                            x86_64               3.8.7-2.fc21                             @System
       100 k
 lsof                                 x86_64               4.87-4.fc21                              @System
       931 k
 lua                                  x86_64               5.2.2-6.fc21                             @System
       588 k
 lyx-fonts                            noarch               2.1.0-4.fc21                             @System
       273 k
 mlocate                              x86_64               0.26-5.fc21                              @System
       378 k
 nano                                 x86_64               2.3.4-2.fc21                             @System
       1.9 M
 ncurses                              x86_64               5.9-14.20140323.fc21                     @System
       433 k
 ncurses-libs                         x86_64               5.9-14.20140323.fc21                     @System
       1.0 M
 net-tools                            x86_64               2.0-0.24.20131119git.fc21                @System
       920 k
 nettle                               x86_64               2.7.1-4.fc21                             @System
       754 k
 nspr                                 x86_64               4.10.6-1.fc21                            @System
       282 k
 nss                                  x86_64               3.16.1-4.fc21                            @System
       2.7 M
 nss-softokn                          x86_64               3.16.1-3.fc21                            @System
       1.1 M
 nss-softokn-freebl                   x86_64               3.16.1-3.fc21                            @System
       512 k
 nss-sysinit                          x86_64               3.16.1-4.fc21                            @System
        14 k
 nss-tools                            x86_64               3.16.1-4.fc21                            @System
       1.8 M
 nss-util                             x86_64               3.16.1-2.fc21                            @System
       177 k
 ntp                                  x86_64               4.2.6p5-20.fc21                          @System
       1.4 M
 ntpdate                              x86_64               4.2.6p5-20.fc21                          @System
       121 k
 open-vm-tools                        x86_64               9.4.0-10.fc21                            @System
       1.3 M
 openldap                             x86_64               2.4.39-8.fc21                            @System
       966 k
 openssh                              x86_64               6.6.1p1-1.fc21.1                         @System
       1.4 M
 openssh-clients                      x86_64               6.6.1p1-1.fc21.1                         @System
       2.2 M
 openssh-server                       x86_64               6.6.1p1-1.fc21.1                         @System
       900 k
 openssl-libs                         x86_64               1:1.0.1h-4.fc21                          @System
       2.6 M
 os-prober                            x86_64               1.58-7.fc21                              @System
        94 k
 p11-kit                              x86_64               0.20.2-3.fc21                            @System
       317 k
 p11-kit-trust                        x86_64               0.20.2-3.fc21                            @System
       396 k
 pam                                  x86_64               1.1.8-12.fc21                            @System
       2.5 M
 passwd                               x86_64               0.79-3.fc21                              @System
       412 k
 pcre                                 x86_64               8.35-3.fc21                              @System
       1.6 M
 php-cli                              x86_64               5.6.0-0.1.RC1.fc21                       @System
        13 M
 php-common                           x86_64               5.6.0-0.1.RC1.fc21                       @System
       7.4 M
 php-pear                             noarch               1:1.9.4-29.fc21                          @System
       2.2 M
 php-pecl-jsonc                       x86_64               1.3.5-3.fc21                             @System
       102 k
 php-process                          x86_64               5.6.0-0.1.RC1.fc21                       @System
       187 k
 php-xml                              x86_64               5.6.0-0.1.RC1.fc21                       @System
       878 k
 pigz                                 x86_64               2.3.1-2.fc21                             @System
       119 k
 pinentry                             x86_64               0.8.3-2.fc21                             @System
        93 k
 pkgconfig                            x86_64               1:0.28-4.fc21                            @System
       105 k
 popt                                 x86_64               1.16-3.fc21                              @System
       123 k
 procps-ng                            x86_64               3.3.9-10.fc21                            @System
       750 k
 psmisc                               x86_64               22.21-4.fc21                             @System
       486 k
 pth                                  x86_64               2.0.7-23.fc21                            @System
       260 k
 pygpgme                              x86_64               0.3-10.fc21                              @System
       207 k
 pykickstart                          noarch               1.99.56-1.fc21                           @System
       1.5 M
 pyliblzma                            x86_64               0.5.3-11.fc21                            @System
       186 k
 python                               x86_64               2.7.7-2.fc21                             @System
        78 k
 python-chardet                       noarch               2.0.1-8.fc21                             @System
       1.1 M
 python-hawkey                        x86_64               0.4.16-2.fc21                            @System
       141 k
 python-iniparse                      noarch               0.4-14.fc21                              @System
       113 k
 python-kitchen                       noarch               1.1.1-7.fc21                             @System
       472 k
 python-libcomps                      x86_64               0.1.6-12.fc21                            @System
       140 k
 python-librepo                       x86_64               1.7.4-2.fc21                             @System
       138 k
 python-libs                          x86_64               2.7.7-2.fc21                             @System
        24 M
 python-pycurl                        x86_64                               @System
       467 k
 python-six                           noarch               1.6.1-3.fc21                             @System
        80 k
 python-urlgrabber                    noarch               3.10.1-1.fc21                            @System
       486 k
 pyxattr                              x86_64               0.5.1-5.fc21                             @System
        62 k
 qrencode-libs                        x86_64               3.4.2-2.fc21                             @System
       125 k
 readline                             x86_64               6.3-1.fc21                               @System
       483 k
 rng-tools                            x86_64               5-2.fc21                                 @System
        68 k
 rpl                                  noarch               1.5.5-9.fc21                             @System
        29 k
 rpm                                  x86_64               4.11.2-14.fc21                           @System
       1.8 M
 rpm-build-libs                       x86_64               4.11.2-14.fc21                           @System
       162 k
 rpm-libs                             x86_64               4.11.2-14.fc21                           @System
       588 k
 rpm-python                           x86_64               4.11.2-14.fc21                           @System
       146 k
 rsync                                x86_64               3.1.0-6.fc21                             @System
       810 k
 rsyslog                              x86_64               7.4.10-2.fc21                            @System
       1.9 M
 sed                                  x86_64               4.2.2-7.fc21                             @System
       591 k
 shadow-utils                         x86_64               2:                        @System
       3.4 M
 shared-mime-info                     x86_64               1.3-4.fc21                               @System
       3.9 M
 sqlite                               x86_64               3.8.5-2.fc21                             @System
       865 k
 systemd                              x86_64               214-1.fc21                               @System
        18 M
 systemd-libs                         x86_64               214-1.fc21                               @System
       1.1 M
 tar                                  x86_64               2:1.27.1-5.fc21                          @System
       2.9 M
 tcp_wrappers-libs                    x86_64               7.6-77.fc21                              @System
       131 k
 trousers                             x86_64               0.3.13-2.fc21                            @System
       817 k
 ustr                                 x86_64               1.0.4-16.fc21                            @System
       288 k
 util-linux                           x86_64               2.25-0.1.fc21                            @System
       7.8 M
 vim-minimal                          x86_64               2:7.4.307-2.fc21                         @System
       905 k
 vnstat                               x86_64               1.11-19.fc21                             @System
       289 k
 wget                                 x86_64               1.15-2.fc21                              @System
       2.3 M
 which                                x86_64               2.20-7.fc21                              @System
        75 k
 xz                                   x86_64               5.1.2-12alpha.fc21                       @System
       231 k
 xz-libs                              x86_64               5.1.2-12alpha.fc21                       @System
       230 k
 yum                                  noarch               3.4.3-152.fc21                           @System
       5.6 M
 yum-metadata-parser                  x86_64               1.1.4-12.fc21                            @System
        57 k
 yum-utils                            noarch               1.1.31-24.fc21                           @System
       323 k
 zlib                                 x86_64               1.2.8-5.fc21                             @System
       184 k
 zram                                 noarch               1.0.1-1.fc20.20140512.rh                 @System

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