comps categories: are they any use to anyone any more?

Bill Nottingham notting at
Sun Jun 22 01:10:48 UTC 2014

Adam Williamson (awilliam at said: 
> Working on comps for the NetworkManager submodule change (see other
> email) made me wonder: are the comps 'categories' actually used for
> anything any more?
> I believe they were used in oldUI for presentation of the 'pick a
> package' UI. We don't have that UI any more, haven't since Fedora 18. I
> don't believe anaconda uses the categories any more. newUI shows
> environment groups down the left hand side of the screen. On the right
> hand side it shows the optional groups related to the current
> environment group at the top, and then all other user visible package
> groups at the bottom.
> So if I'm right that anaconda isn't using the categories any more, is
> anything else? Or can we just ditch them?

Check the post-install tools; I believe at least one of apper or yumex still
uses them.


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