dnf even allows to uninstall RPM and systemd without warnings

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Jun 23 18:03:30 UTC 2014

Am 23.06.2014 19:53, schrieb Chris Adams:
> Once upon a time, Johannes Lips <johannes.lips at gmail.com> said:
>> Well, yeah and everybody is reading the complete output of yum/dnf if
>> it's trying to remove hundreds of packages?
> Well, yeah.  First, if you think you are removing a leaf or minor
> package and the package manager lists 100+ dependent packages, you
> should take notice and perhaps re-think what you are trying to do.
> Second, if you decide you want to continue, you should look over the
> list of packages to be removed.

Well, yeah people will know that later

> If people really want some magic protections in this case, rather than
> having "special" packages, it should probably be based on the number of
> affected dependent packages (and/or maybe a percentage of installed
> packages)

oh my god - the protections of yum are made with understanding
and not by blindly a random number

the existing protections finally have to goal to prevent whatever
you confirm is revertable by not remove rpm, yum and the running
kernel, systemd and so on itself

finally that means: whatever you do - even if you remove any
graphical tool you can still boot up the machine, login into
a console and "yum install" whatever you need

that is smart - alert based on a number is clumsy
i can see that number by myself at the bottom

on a system where i want to remove *any* graphical stuff
and anything but the core system i don't care about numbers
or cross-dependencies - the only thing i care about is that
after i have reduced the setup to a bare minimum i can
"yum install" whatever i need instead start from scratch
and insert the install medium

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