dnf even allows to uninstall RPM and systemd without warnings

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Jun 24 07:53:19 UTC 2014

Am 24.06.2014 00:54, schrieb Gerald B. Cox:
> Regarding your kernel comment, I've been using Fedora since Redhat 6.2 and DNF since it first came out and I've
> never encountered this.  When I update the kernel, it leaves the prior two on my system for rollback, so I have no
> idea what you're talking about

* the new ones don't boot
* the next one don't boot
* the next one don't boot too

oops - the running one got removed and was the only bootable
does not happen that often *but* it happens depending on
a specific kernel bug with specific hardware

your problem is that you are fighting against things *you think*
they are not needed - no understanding for such a behavior because
you are not in the position to decide what is important to others
and in fact nobody is taking anything away *from you*

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