dnf even allows to uninstall RPM and systemd without warnings

Jon Kent jon.kent at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 09:49:28 UTC 2014

Been reading this for a while and I'm getting annoyed by the 'you should
know what you are doing' mob. There can be no reason not to have safe
guards in dnf to save you from the oh sh#t moments. Everyone has those at
some time and those who are learning Linux need these guards to avoid them
trashing their system. Everyone starts from a little knowledge base and we
should (must) take that on-board.

It's irrelevant whether yum does or doesn't have this. If dnf is the new
and improved then it should have these from the off else what's to gain
from an end SAs point of view.  No point in just creating a like-for-like
replication.  Make it better and safer or don't bother.


On 24 Jun 2014 10:37, "Richard Hughes" <hughsient at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 24 June 2014 10:31, Thomas Bendler <ml at bendler-net.de> wrote:
> > you need to unlock the gun before you can shoot in your foot...
> > ...and modern systems ask you up to four, five times
> How many different locks does a gun have? Last time I checked there
> was one safety catch -- DNF asks you for 'y/N' confirmation with a
> HUGE list of packages to be removed. If you're not sure whether
> removing systemd or glibc is a bad idea, perhaps having root access
> isn't the best plan in the world. There are _so_ _many_ _ways_ to hose
> your system with root access, I really don't think we can or should
> baby-proof just one low level command.
> Richard
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