dnf even allows to uninstall RPM and systemd without warnings

Matthew Miller mattdm at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jun 24 20:33:27 UTC 2014

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 08:16:08PM +0000, Andre Robatino wrote:
> > I also cringe when I see the "-y or --assumeyes" option mentioned.  IMO
> that is just inviting disaster. 
> > I'm surprised no one is "demanding" that be removed.  It is dangerous.
> Someone might need to use yum or dnf in a script. Personally, that's the
> _only_ time I'd ever use -y (and I've never done it), but at least there's a
> use case.

FWIW (peanuts! or possibly, honey-roasted almonds...), my yum configuration
for years has been to set 'alwaysprompt' to 0. That way, it does what you
say without prompting when your command line is an exact match of packages
to be installed and no dependencies are needed. It only prompts if there is
something out of the ordinary. That helps avoid the "always just confirm!"
reflex syndrome which can set in when there's a prompt every time.

In my version of that patch long ago, it worked for removes too, which makes
most sense in the context of protectedpackages. You can remove things
without confirmation, but not whole chains of things, and you can't remove
something which would put you in a state where you can't get back.

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