Heads-up on rpm 4.12 coming to rawhide soon

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AFAIK Fedora packages should not use weak dependencies (Recommends and so
on). What's the recommended usage of them ?

Is there any plan to update Packaging Guidelines on this topic ?

For instance: for scilab I split scilab binary and help to reduce the size
of the main package.  The help package is installed on demand using
Should scilab "recommend" or "suggest" scilab-help ?

Clément <davidcl> DAVID
 Le 27 juin 2014 17:38, "Panu Matilainen" <pmatilai at laiskiainen.org> a
écrit :

Hi all,

Rpm 4.12 alpha just got released: http://lists.rpm.org/

The plan is to update rawhide to this shiny new version first thing on
Monday morning and babysit as needed (ie the usual drill), but if you're
feeling bored over the weekend or its as rainy wherever you live as it is
in here now, and you're feeling a little bit brave, give it a spin in the


The copr packages are for rawhide only and should be very close to what
goes into rawhide on Monday. If you're dying to test but not willing to
rawhide all the way, they can be used on F20 too if you
1) install perl-generators from rawhide
2) remove rpm-python3 package before updating

As the announcement says, there are some rough edges still (as in, there's
a reason its alpha). I run it on my systems and it's not expected to eat
anybody (or their systems) alive, but do pay attention...

Bug reports and other feedback welcome.

        - Panu -
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