delta rpms - can we turn them off

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sun Jun 29 21:34:19 UTC 2014

On Sun, 29 Jun 2014 14:20:44 -0700
Jonathan Dieter <jdieter at> wrote:

> We can do this, but createrepo would need to store the checksum of 0 
> level compressed xz rpms in primary, which involve making createrepo 
> decompress each rpm and then recompress at level 0.  Not sure what
> the infra folks think about this.

Do not like. :( 

Also, thinking about it, if any proposed changes need us to sign drpms
thats probably a non starter too. Since it would mean signing rpms,
starting push, generating the drpms and then stopping and signing all
of them too and then resuming. Also changes in mash and bodhi1. 

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