Cc: on dead packages

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Jun 30 23:20:07 UTC 2014

Bastien Nocera (bnocera at said: 
> Apparently, people can still file bugs for dead packages:
> And I (and many others) get CC:ed on those bugs files, with
> no possibility to remove ourselves from the CC: in pkgdb.
> Any idea where I should be filing a bug for this bug?

It's a combination of:

- we only have one Fedora 'product' with components per-package
- you can't disable filing against components
- you can't *remove* components unless they have no bugs against them

If we made each Fedora release a separate product, we could then
tailor the list for each release. If explicitly moved all the bugs (even old
closed ones) away from old components, we could then delete them. But we
haven't done either of those things.

It may be possible to have the enter_bug.cgi page filter the allowable
components by the release version.


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