F21 Self Contained Change: Allwinner sunxi (A10 / A13 / A20) ARM SoC support

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Mon Mar 3 13:54:58 UTC 2014

= Proposed Self Contained Change: Allwinner sunxi (A10 / A13 / A20) ARM SoC 
support =

Change owner(s): Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>, Peter Robinson 
<pbrobinson at fedoraproject.org >

Allwinner A10 / A13 / A20 SoCs are used in a number of popular low cost arm 
development boards and arm mini computers. Currently Fedora ARM is supported 
on these devices through a Remix [1]. Allwinner kernel support is progressing 
rapidly upstream, and with this upstream kernel support it should be possible 
to support Allwinner SoCs in the official Fedora ARM images, without the need 
for a remix. 

== Detailed description ==
The linux-sunxi community is currently working hard to get Allwinner SoCs 
supported in the upstream kernel. A big part of this should land in the 3.14 
kernel. The plan is to support Allwinner SoCs in headless mode for now, and 
carry patches for mmc, ahci and usb support for 1-2 kernel releases (until 
they land upstream). 

== Scope ==
Supporting Allwinnner SoCs ootb will require kernel and u-boot support. Kernel 
support is landing upstream and we will add patches to the Fedora kernel for 
1-2 kernel releases to supplement this. u-boot support currently lives in a u-
boot fork upstream, this fork is tracking / merging u-boot upstream and does 
intent to get sunxi support merged into the official u-boot packages, but there 
is no timeline for this atm. For u-boot we will create a separate u-boot-sunxi 
package, which can be dropped once u-boot support has been merged into u-boot 

Proposal owners: Will try to get as much kernel support upstream as possible, 
supplement with patches in the Fedora kernel package. Will create a u-boot-
sunxi package with sunxi specific u-boot. Will look into adding a config tool to 
the sdcard images to easily select and install the correct u-boot and dtb, 
like the Allwinner Remix images have.

Other developers: N/A 
Release engineering: N/A 
Policies and guidelines: N/A 

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/AllwinnerSunxiSupport
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