pdftk retired?

Michael J Gruber mjg at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 6 10:31:18 UTC 2014

I just git a "broken dependencies" notice for a package that I maintain.
The reason is that "pdftk" got retired just the other day.

I may have missed a corresponding post on fedora-devel, but I think a
heads up notice to maintainers of depending packages may be in order
before you retire a package, as a general idea.

You see, unretiring a package is so much more work than changing

As for pdftk: I see 2 failed builds for version 1.45 and none for the
current version 2.02 (which probably breaks the api anyways). What are
the plans? Retire pdftk completely? Start fresh with pdftk2?

pdflabs, the maker of pdftk, provide binary as well as source rpms for
pdftk 2.02, by the way. I might even look into packaging it but don't
want to duplicate any existing efforts.


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