Agenda for Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2014-04-01)

Marcela Mašláňová mmaslano at
Mon Mar 31 14:31:43 UTC 2014

WG meeting will be at 12:00 UTC, 14:00 Central Europe, 8:00 Boston, 5:00 
San Francisco, 21:00 Tokyo in #fedora-meeting on Freenode.

I hope time make sense. Otherwise please comment the thread about 
meeting time.

== Topic ==
* Automatically approve topics, which weren't refused on mailing list:
  * Open Questions - Playground: Signing
  * Open Questions - Playground: Provenpackagers
* Approve on list or irc:
  * Open Questions - distinguish packages
   * Does my proposal passed or not?
   * Proposal: Do not try to distinguish them. Rpmfusion packages also 
don't have different dist tag. You can find out if really want to by rpm 
-something or check key, which will be also different.
  * Open Questions - Playground: reviews
   * Are conflicts inside Playground repository allowed?
   * How many other checks do we want to have?
* 1 Big repo vs multiple small ones - finally decide which one to pick
* finish change proposal


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