Does Fedora have a technical expertise oriented SIG?

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Tue Nov 4 14:33:49 UTC 2014

On Sun, 2 Nov 2014 10:13:10 -0500, Matthew Miller wrote:

> > Is there any authoritative group at Fedora who wants the product to not
> > suck like that?
> Authoritative? Probably FESCo.

Basically, we need to tell every Fedora User that Firefox and Claws Mail
don't play well together because of what Fedora's /usr/bin/firefox does
whereas RHEL doesn't. Bad publicity already.
And if those users follow /usr/share/doc/claws-mail/README.Fedora or are
accustomed to setting various environment variables already, even that
doesn't work everywhere with Fedora, e.g. gnome-terminal where NOTABUG has
been today's response after nine months.

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