Firefox Gtk3 test package

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Thu Nov 6 07:37:57 UTC 2014

Dne 4.11.2014 v 12:37 Martin Stransky napsal(a):
> The Gtk3 Firefox is enabled for master (Fedora 22) now. If you'd like
> to have gtk3 build for other distros, just change the toolkit_gtk3
> variable and rebuild (locally, in copr).
> I'd be glad for any feedback/bugreport and please mind - it's still
> "rawhide" :)
> ma.

Hi Martin,

I have updated Firefox yesterday and used it for few hours. It works
more or less fine. Here are just a few remarks I noticed:

* Scrollbar does not support GTK3 behavior, i.e. when it is grabbed for
a moment, it does not enable fine scrolling.
* There is rather small difference between checked/unchecked check boxes
or radio buttons. There is missing the "check" or "bullet", so it  not
obvious what is selected.
* Tabs at advanced preferences page does not look much as a tabs. The
current tab is gray and the rest is plain white, without any visual
* Strange shadows in "save file to" edit box at general preferences page.
* The dividers in menus are bolder then they should be and they are
visually distracting.



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