PROPOSAL: Make AppData files mandatory for applications shown in the software center

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu Nov 6 19:38:02 UTC 2014

On 6 November 2014 19:25, Alexander Ploumistos
<alex.ploumistos at> wrote:
> So, should we contact upstream about the appdata file requirement and if
> that doesn't work out make our own and send it to the package maintainer?
> Where should the screenshots go?

You can either put them on your fedorapeople page, or just push them
to fedora-appstream in the extra-screenshots section.

> I think that the
> upstream bug filing requirement for such inactive projects is just a waste
> of time and should be forgone.

I think you'd be surprised; a few of the "long dead" projects I filed
bugs for have actually shipped a new tarball with appdata in...

> Just wondering out loud here, but how come gnome chemistry utils not have an
> appdata already?

It looks like they were added in 0.14.9 according to -- I'll find out
what's going wrong in the Fedora package. Thanks for the thinking out
loud :)


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