Status of weak dependencies support in Fedora 21+

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Tue Nov 11 08:18:08 UTC 2014

Dne 11.11.2014 v 09:14 Vít Ondruch napsal(a):
> Dne 10.11.2014 v 18:31 Kevin Fenzi napsal(a):
> >> We invite anyone to start using this feature to help us sand off the
> >> rough edges. Any contribution (documentation, bug reports,
> >> patches, ...) will help us. We would just like to ask you for
> >> patience, as the state is what it is - before F22, this is more of a
> >> tech preview than production ready feature.
> > I'd personally say people shouldn't start using this...
> I'd personally say that we should start to use this immediately. I'd say
> that wrong dependencies happens quite often in Fedora, this cannot make
> things worse.
> For example, there happens quite often that JRuby is pulled in instead
> of expected Ruby MRI. In this case "Recommends: ruby" should be more
> appropriate dependency then "Require: ruby", because for somebody, JRuby
> might be preferred. But we'd like to give a hint to the resolver what is
> preferred by package maintainer.
> Vít

Additionally, if DNF can properly use soft dependencies while YUM
cannot, it will help us to drive user adoption of DNF, which is also
good thing IMO.


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