Suspend/resume broken on Lenovo laptops (Fedora 21 beta)

valent.turkovic at valent.turkovic at
Tue Nov 11 17:25:21 UTC 2014

Guys and galls,
if you have Lenovo laptop please install latest Fedora 21 beta and
provide feedback because there are reported cases that suspend/resume
doesn't work on Lenovo laptops.

Currently there are reports that Fedora 21 beta fails to resume from
suspend-to-ram on X1 Carbon, T440s and X240, but there are probably
also other models.

Fedora has a great reputation on working flawlessly on Lenovo
hardware, let's try to keep up that reputation!

Best place to report this is on test at list or
on bugzilla.

Here are two bugs currently open on this topic:


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