Review request: gimp-saver-plugin (need sponsor)

Patrick Laimbock patrick at
Thu Nov 13 12:56:17 UTC 2014


I would appreciate it if someone could review the gimp-saver-plugin 
package. I'm not an approved packager (need a sponsor) but if you have a 
package for review I'll be happy to have a look.

gimp-saver-plugin is a combined Save, Save as, Overwrite, and Export 
plugin for GIMP.

If you want to test the plugin:

1) install the plugin
2) start the GIMP
3) click Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts
4) unfold the Plug-Ins section
5) scroll down to "Saver   Disabled   python-fu-saver"
6) click on Disabled and assign shortcut (like Ctrl+S)
7) scroll down to "Saver as...   Disabled   python-fu-saver-as"
8) click on Disabled and assign shortcut (like Shift+Ctrl+S)
9) de-select "Save keyboard shotcuts on exit" if you don't want
    these shortcuts saved permanently
10) click Close
11) click File -> New -> Ok
12) add something to the canvas
13) press Ctrl+S or Shift+Ctrl+S


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