Mozilla enabled ads in Firefox and they're active in Fedora

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Sat Nov 15 15:20:01 UTC 2014

Am 15.11.2014 um 16:10 schrieb Björn Persson:
> Lars Seipel <lars.seipel at> wrote:
>> What does the community think of it? Is it okay for our flagship
>> applications to carry ads and report tracking data?
> I definitely don't want the software I use to phone home and report on
> what I'm doing, not any more than what is strictly necessary for
> technical reasons.
>>> Mozilla can track impressions, clicks, and the
>>> number of ads a user hides or pins.
> I'm wondering how that works. If I disable the ads by setting the new
> tab page to about:blank, will that also disable the tracking?

yes it will since it is open source and so mozilla can't and won't risk 
to still track (despites that you can't track impressions and clicks of 
something which is not there and if they would, well the advertisment 
partners kill them for the lie)

so can we please stop the FUD and just disable that feature in Fedora as 
default? oh

and i have the "about:blank" on the desktop for a long time because i 
also don't want a tab preview (while nice on the smartphone) just 
because nobody needs to see what i have recently browsed only because we 
share the same room

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