Summary/Minutes from today's FESCo Meeting (2014-11-19)

Till Maas opensource at
Thu Nov 20 07:05:37 UTC 2014

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 03:06:11PM -0500, Tomas Mraz wrote:

> * #1368 How to deal with F21 broken dependencies  (t8m, 19:08:56)
>   * AGREED: FESCo agrees to dropping the packages with broken
>     dependencies listed in #1368 from both F21 and rawhide (+7, -0, 0:0)
>     (t8m, 19:25:56)

I retired the packages now. To make sure the final repo does not
contain any packages with broken dependencies, the Freeze Exception
process needs to be used to get packages from updates-testing that do
not contain broken dependencies into the stable repo:

>   * AGREED: We will do the broken deps cleanup on Final Freeze from now
>     on in the future Fedora releases (+8, -0, 0:0)  (t8m, 19:30:41)
>   * There will be warning sent to the affected maintainers at least 3
>     weeks in advance  (t8m, 19:31:36)

What happens with packages that get broken after the warning but before
the Final Freeze?


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