Mozilla enabled ads in Firefox and they're active in Fedora

Petr Viktorin pviktori at
Thu Nov 20 15:09:57 UTC 2014

On 11/20/2014 04:02 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 03:28:11PM +0100, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>> tl;dr: I think the line we should not cross is: including features
>> that don't benefit the user and may be considered harmful.
> I don't think this is a very clear line. Should we drop all spreadsheet
> applications?

Spreadsheet applications exist to benefit the user, so they don't cross 
this line.

(With a short-circuiting "and"¹, you won't even get to the "may be 
considered harmful" part in this case...)



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