timedatex replacing systemd-timedated for NTP packages

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at gnome.org
Tue Nov 25 17:08:10 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-11-25 at 17:15 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> I am sorry, but timedated is really not the place to control NTP
> *server* software. It's simply, desktopy stuff, for controlling NTP
> clients. 

Of course, but the desktopy NTP client in Fedora Workstation is chrony,
as you know full well. Unless that changes, we need timedatex. Even if
we decide to drop chrony, we still need timedatex to ensure NTP is not
broken for users who upgrade from F21 to F22. (Unless you have another
plan for handling such an upgrade?)
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