Abandoning boinc-client

Mattia Verga mattia.verga at tiscali.it
Wed Nov 26 16:39:46 UTC 2014

Hi Germano,
it would be nice if you can become a co maintainer. Gianfranco contacted 
me some time ago, but I was overwhelmed by work in that time and I 
couldn't work with him.

If you want contact me directly to talk about current problems of boinc 
in fedora (so I can write in italian in half time what I can write in 


Il 26/11/2014 10:47, Germano Massullo ha scritto:
> Hi Mattia. Thank you for your work.
> For various reasons I am in contact with the mantainer on Debian
> (Gianfranco Costamagna). Weeks ago he saw the Fedora commits for BOINC
> and he told me that he was working on same problems too (but on Debian
> they have done more fixes).
> As soon as possible I will try if it is possible to adapt Debian's BOINC
> code into Fedora and do some tests. If the software will work, I could
> became a co mantainer and consider to work together with Gianfranco.

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