Trig functions from math.h

Les Howell hlhowell at
Wed Nov 26 19:06:31 UTC 2014

Gentle developers:
	I have some older code that used to compile, which I wish to reuse and
maybe redesign.  However the code is C and uses the sinf function, which
seems to have disappeared from math.h.  Can anyone tell me where this
has gone?  The man pages no longer return the sinf function, Info pages
say that it should be in either math.h or complex.h, but it is not.  The
either math.h needs some modification (dated Sep 26 this year), and the
man pages need updating, or the new function needs to be named,
supported and the information on the Info pages needs to be updated.
But in the interim, what is a work around?  Please don't tell me I have
to code a trig function.

Les H

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