Fedora 21 Final RC1 dual boot

Christopher ctubbsii-fedora at apache.org
Sun Nov 30 17:09:00 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I was testing installing Fedora 21 Final RC1 in the free space on a GPT
drive with Windows 8.1 (Lenovo Z40). I'm installing from a USB stick made
from the ISO.

Every time I click "Begin Installation" in Anaconda, it locks up at the
screen where I'm supposed to be able to enter the root password and create
a user account. The message at the bottom is something like "Initializing
setup configuration" (sorry, I can't recall the exact words). I can't click
on anything in Anaconda, but I can switch to a terminal and "kill -9 <pid
of anaconda>" to drop me back to the Live desktop.

I do not get the same problem if I delete all the existing partitions on
the drive and install only Fedora. That proceeds fine. The problem only
seems to exist if I try to install alongside Windows.

My question is: how might I go about troubleshooting this?

Christopher L Tubbs II
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