Renaming "rubygem-passenger" to "passenger"

Jan Kalu┼ża jkaluza at
Wed Oct 1 07:35:14 UTC 2014


upstream asked us 6 months ago if it would be possible to rename 
"rubygem-passenger" package to "passenger" and clean-up the package 
little bit to match the progress Passenger did in last years.

The reason to do this is that Passenger is not real rubygem anymore and 
supports more languages than just Ruby. During the years, 
"rubygem-passenger" package deviated little bit and in some respects 
does not respect Fedora Guidelines.

I've changed the existing "rubygem-passenger" package to match the 
Fedora Guidelines and I'm going to rename it to "passenger" in Fedora 
Rawhide. All other Passenger maintainers are aware of this change.

You can see the rename review here: 

Jan Kaluza

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