Packaging STLPlus

Pranav Kant pranav913 at
Wed Oct 1 10:06:44 UTC 2014


I am trying to package STLPlus ( library for fedora. There
are few doubts I have in mind regarding packaging it.

1. The library is dependent on another project viz. 'makefiles' ( This project is
also distributed in a separate tar ball. This project only contains few
helper files that are included by the STLPlus library's makefile (Hence,
STLPlus requires this package for build only). Other projects can also make
use of this project to write their makefiles quickly. I think makefiles
project is more generic and not quite specific to STLPlus, hence must be
packaged separately. Is it right to package it separately ? Though I
understand that 'makefiles' name is too general and should be renamed to
something else may be ?

2. Re. Location of 'makefiles' project : Since, it only contains few helper
files, I am wondering what would be the best location for installing these
files ? datadir ? libdir ?
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