[Base] F21 Alpha Docker base image release

Václav Pavlín vpavlin at redhat.com
Thu Oct 2 07:19:02 UTC 2014

On 2.10.2014 00:03, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
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> On Wed, 01 Oct 2014 09:56:32 +0200
> Václav Pavlín <vpavlin at redhat.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Dennis, could you please build Alpha base image with updated bash?
>> (And probably also prepare F20 and Rawhide images so that we can
>> really call the Fedora image official with all it's tags?
> There is no looking back Alpha is done, Beta TC1 is out the door,
> though the docker image is missing with kokji down I can not see why it
> failed to compose. We can not go back.  Fedora 20 will never have
> official docker images and we produce branched and rawhide images
> nightly. so there is plenty of newer images available not sure what you
> mean by "with all it's tags?"
I probably don't understand - why is it impossible to build F20 image? 
By "with all it's tags" I mean so that we can have fedora:20, fedora:21 
and fedora:rawhide in Docker Hub
>> We should probably also consider using Fedora Cloud SIG account on
>> github to push these image to Docker Automated builds - it would
>> probably look better then using Lokesh's account (no offence:) ).
> hithub is not an acceptable medium to use for Fedora release
> engineering. as I understand it docker do not care where it is hosted
> so long as things are in git that they can pull from. so we will use
> fedorahosted.
Right, I haven't realized we can use any git - fedorahosted is 
definitely the correct place in this case.
>> The *interim* workflow for uploading official Fedora image to Docker
>> Hub would be:
>> 1. Download tar.gz and ks from Koji
>> 2. Unpack
>> 3. Compress layer.tar as xz
> not acceptable. if we must use different compression we will adjust
> koji to compress things differently. we do not do manipulation of the
> deliverables, we take them as they come out.
The problem is that we have image with metadata

├── repositories
└── 20bb2f8f723c9244e8c7f5b09edbbadff5dfa38c2e4165d3cfdb19ba6a2d1a6e
     ├── json
     ├── *layer.tar*
     └── VERSION

And what we need to provide to Docker Automated builds is only the file 

>> 4. Upload Dockerfile, ks and *.tar.xz to Fedora Cloud SIG github
>> repository (same as
> releng will upload to fedorahosted.
>> https://github.com/lsm5/docker-brew-fedora/tree/21) 5. Update
>> https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/blob/master/library/fedora
>> I agree with Matt we should ship what we have and follow up with
>> Docker on enablement of import for our images (containing metadata)
>> built in Koji.
> I am all for shipping what we have. we need to work out how to actually
> do it.
>> Does this make sense to you? If there will be no objections, could we
>> vote?
> - -1 for your proposal as is.
>> Lokesh, would you like to continue to maintain the process of getting
>> Fedora Docker base images to the audience?
>> Thanks & regards,
>> Vašek
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