Dash as default shell

Tom Rivers tom at impact-crater.com
Thu Oct 2 13:18:14 UTC 2014

On 10/1/2014 22:39, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Since the recent Shellshock aka Bashdoor vulnerability, there have 
> been some discussions about more distributions switching over...

So there's a vulnerability found in bash, it gets patched almost 
immediately, and all of a sudden there's a push to abandon it 
altogether?  If this is the proper thought process, then Heartbleed 
should've made everyone dump openSSL.  Carried to the extreme, most 
software should be completely abandoned then because none of it is 
completely bug free.  This sounds like mindless panic to me.

Also, let's not forget that SELinux is baked into Fedora.  Even if 
something does get access to the system, it is contained to a large 
degree.  This is something I seldom hear about when this particular bug 
is discussed in the media.


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