Dash as default shell

Matthew Miller mattdm at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 2 17:05:27 UTC 2014

On Thu, Oct 02, 2014 at 11:22:18AM -0500, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> I think the disconnect there was that people assumed that as long as
> you controlled which environment variables (by name) were passed you
> were OK. It was assumed that the values weren't processed outside of
> what you explicitly did.


> Unless the defining functions in environment values feature is
> disabled, this expectation is still broken, regardless of the parser
> fix. And I wouldn't be surprised if more issues come up in the
> future because of it.

For the case of arbitrary variables (like USER_AGENT), the problem is
closed, because now only variables prefixed BASH_FUNC_ and with a suffix of
() in our current patch or %% upstream are scanned for function definitions.

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