btrfs as default filesystem for F22?

Juan Orti Alcaine juan.orti at
Fri Oct 3 11:18:02 UTC 2014

El 2014-10-03 11:38, Steven Whitehouse escribió:
> Hi,
> I should also add (just in case anybody gets the wrong idea!) that I
> think it should definitely be made as easy as possible for anybody who
> wants to evaluate running btrfs on Fedora, but it is far too early to
> make it the default yet,

I agree with your opinion, it's a bit too early. An experienced user can 
deal with the idiosyncrasies of btrfs and it's great when you learn it, 
but pushing it as the default seems too adventurous.

I want to add to the list of problems the performance degradation over 
time in database-like files (journal, vm images, firefox and other 
sqlite db). I have experienced minutes of delay consulting the journal 
in heavily fragmented journal files.

Juan Orti

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