How to handle upgrades to Fedora 21

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Fri Oct 3 18:46:20 UTC 2014

On Fri, 2014-10-03 at 12:37 -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 01, 2014 at 04:28:22PM -0400, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> > The thing to note is that in all scenarios, the user *MUST* fully update
> > their F20 system first, or the results will be undefined and could be
> > unpleasant. We need to spell this out very clearly to our upgrading
> > users.
> Here's what I'm thinking...
> Converting from vanilla to and from productized Fedora is a separate issue
> from upgrading. It's something that someone might want to do at any point,
> and it's something that we'll want to have beyond just the F21 release.

Are arbitrary inter-product conversions supportable long-term? We can
test if a default install of F20 converts into a reasonable
approximation of Fedora Workstation 21. But are we going test that a F23
Workstation converts properly to a F23 Server?

> I can see the convenience value of letting people check a box or give a flag
> at the F20->F21 upgrade point. I wish we had thought of that several months
> ago, but I don't think anyone did (or we dropped it if it were mentioned,
> sadly). At this point, since the fedup maintainers aren't sold and we're
> working on validating the beta already, *and* because the upgrade-to-convert
> situation is a one time thing, I think we should put our efforts into the
> convert-at-any-time situation.

I don't see it as a convenience value - rather it's our main point of
control make sure that everybody who wants to be on a product line
actually ends up on a product line.

As an example: this subject came up on the workstation mailing list
because there was a proposal to make the network login functionality in
Fedora 21 a package that is pulled in by fedora-release-workstation
rather than gnome-shell. If we carry through with that (probably depends
on the result of this discussion), then people who upgraded to
non-productized F21 would be missing one of the most useful new features
in Fedora 21 workstation.

But that's just one example of how a non-productized Fedora is not what
we're advertising. With subsequent releases of Fedora the gap will grow
- but *now* is the best time to make people pick a product if they want

We could compensate a bit for lack of the feature by making fedup put up
a big warning message that directed people to a wiki page with manual
instructions - I don't think it looks professional, but it would be
better than nothing.

- Owen

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