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Am 04.10.2014 um 16:49
> 2014-10-04 11:08 GMT-03:00 Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>:
> First think of me of as just an slightly above average user :)
>>> I am sorry I did not fully follow the discussions earlier.
>>> I only recall it was supposed to exist some compatibility
>>> layer at some point.
>>>     But I keep all the time needing to
>>> $ sudo rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*
>> there is no need to do so
> I switched to using dnf because yum stopped working at
> some point. I think it was something related to a libdb-5
> update when only dnf would work.

but than you have a different problem not really
related to the subject

>>> because I forget and use yum instead of dnf in rawhide.
>>> I am not really needing anything special, just install
>>> a package, or run "dnf update" to update rawhide
>> but why do you think you need to touch anything below
>> /var/lib/rpm/? that's the rpm database you should never
>> touch without damned good reasons like follow dist-upgrade
>> instructions
> I learned to do that (rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*) long long ago, as the
> standard way to recover from "minor" rpm database corruption. But
> I survived extreme cases where not even "rpm --rebuilddb" would
> work. As long as the Packages database is not (completely) corrupted,
> it should be possible to recover...

as said: than you have a much deeper problem

>> you can happily use "yum" and "dnf" on the same setup
>> all the time and the warnings "rpm database modified"
>> or similar are harmless, you may even trigger them by
>> touch the rpmdb by hand
> It does not work for me... I sent the email because, I again, forgot
> and run
> $ sudo yum update
> and gone to another terminal, a bit later I learned that yum
> thought all updates would be duplicates, so I did
> $ sudo rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*
> $ sudo dn update
> sent the email, and now, update to latest rawhide has already
> finished...

again: something is broken on your system and you should
fix that with the help of "package-cleanup" and options
like dupes, prohans and so on

what you see is not normal and don't match the subject

both, yum and dnf are *frontends* for the rpm database
which is a complete different layer hence you can
use plain "rpm -Uvh", yum and dnf as you like if it
don't come to dependencies where dnf/yum are still
frontends for rpm and just do the work you would
normally need to do by hand

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